“I’ve spent a lot of my life in therapy, and have worked with a number of wonderful therapists. Louise surpasses all of them.

I came to Louise because I was finally ready to start to work through my childhood sexual abuse. I needed someone sensitive and empathetic, but beyond that I also wanted a therapist to provide tangible guidance and tools, rather than passively listening to my thoughts and concerns. Very quickly, I realized that Louise could offer what I needed, in a way that few others can. She is generous with her time, and even more generous with her heart. Her words are fully considered. She knows when to listen, when to ask questions; and she somehow knows exactly which questions to ask. Her approach has been grounded, holistic, and exploratory. Psychoanalytic attention to my family dynamic growing up and other traumas later in my life have informed how we work through the central problem of my abuse. Ultimately, I have gained so much from every session–respect and love for myself, both present and past; confidence in my abilities to love others, learn, and affect change; direction for my goals of being a better partner, and (someday) a good parent; courage and empowerment to face the fears and pains that have plagued me my whole life. Louise has helped me love being alive.

My journey with Louise is ongoing. I have a lot left to learn and a lot of rethinking still to do. But to this point, she has allowed me to make drastic changes in my understanding of myself and what happened to me as a child. I finally know that, after so many years of “talking about my feelings” with other therapists (useful as that was at the time), I am now putting in the work to save myself. And I couldn’t do any of it without Louise.

An elder, a teacher, a friend, and an incredible support, Louise has changed my life. I will never be able to fully thank her, though I pray that these words might be a start.”

Female, 29 years, 40 sessions, and continuing.

“Dear Louise,

Thank you so much for the amazing conversations you and I always have. I really enjoy every time we meet because I know that afterward, I will return with a big smile.

I have talked to many people since my cancer diagnosis and treatment course, but there are only a few people who could embrace my feelings and thoughts, and you are one of them.

You are super good at asking questions and using the right keys to open my heart. I’m sure you can do that with many people. You have empathy, understanding, and a sensible curiosity that can help me reflect more than I usually do. It is a gift you have and many cancer patients actually need to meet someone just like you.

Thank you so much for always being there for me. I will always be grateful to you for that.”

Female, 55 years, 12 sessions.

“I have been incredibly happy about Louise’s help! Louise manages to create a space with lots of trust, security, presence, and empathy. I have both felt heard and understood and Louise was quick to decode me as a person. She manages to be both professional and caring, and I have benefited greatly from my course with her.”

Male, 35 years, 16 sessions.

“I came to Louise with feelings of fear as well as sadness and depression and I felt I needed help. But I also knew that my dealing with present challenges had a lot to do with my upbringing, past relationships, and traumatic experiences.

Louise is amazingly good at listening, at making me feel understood, seen, and heard. I felt absolutely safe in the space that she provided. She is extremely good at pausing my flow of words in order to ask me, how a story I am telling makes me feel. She encouraged me to listen to my body and let it express whatever wanted to be expressed through movement.

Healthy boundary setting as well as letting go of painful experiences were big topics among many others. I have learned a lot about myself and profit immensely from our sessions. I am simply feeling more stable, trustful, and peaceful.

Louise is a very heartful, empathic, and professional therapist and I can highly recommend her!

Thank you very much Louise :)”

Female, 33 years, Vancouver, 7 sessions.

“It has been my pleasure and good fortune to have found Louise during the year she and her family spent in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

I searched out Louise as I was encountering struggles with my age/stage in life (74 years) and how to proceed with meaning and purpose.

I found Louise to be a very kind, welcoming, and safe person to share my thoughts, feelings, and struggles. Louise is a very active listener and has a quiet, engaging presence which made it very easy for me to be open and trusting. Louise was able to “connect the dots” for me when I was feeling scattered in my conversation and sharing.

Louise provided me with wise feedback regarding relationship challenges and what I could do to improve same. During the short time, I spent with Louise I feel that she provided me with great insight into my personal challenges and gave me valuable strategies to move forward. I feel blessed to have met Louise and to have had the opportunity to work through some of my “stuff” with her.” 

Female, 74 years, Vancouver, 2 sessions.

“I have had several counseling sessions with Louise and it has been both very rewarding and enjoyable to talk to Louise. She is good at sensing where I am in my life and my process. She is good at both listening and helping me to put words to my feelings and getting my thoughts under control.

After each session with Louise, I have renewed energy and am one step further.

Louise is very professional and pleasant to talk to.

I give my warmest recommendations to Louise.”

Female, 42 years, 14 sessions.

“I had no idea what to expect but was surprised by how helpful my sessions with Louise were. She is a keen listener and presented a perspective which helped me to approach a complicated relationship challenge with new energy and a positive attitude.”

Male, 67 years, Vancouver, 5 sessions.

“Louise is incredibly sharp at seeing patterns and connections – and thus possible explanations – in the things I have told. I have been glad that she has told me about her observations in a careful/gentle way so that they have not come to appear as absolute truths. That way I have had the opportunity to consider and integrate them myself. Louise has an in-depth overview of what is being told. It has given me a great insight into my situation and enabled me to understand and work with my problems. In addition, Louise is very calm, caring, and thorough and it has been easy and safe for me to open up and share my feelings and thoughts.”

Female, 28 years, 35 sessions.

“I met Louise when I felt my world was coming to an end.

Louise is a very sweet and caring therapist, who helped me come to my senses and guided me through the grieving process. With all the right questions she helped me understand, that only I could change my life.

She allowed me to grieve and understand my loss. She guided me through my feeling of being sad, angry, and afraid.

Thank you Louise, for your patience, strength, and wise words.”

Female, 59 years, 11 sessions.

“When I started Therapy with Louise it was one of the most terrifying things I have ever had to do. I was in a state where my body, heart, and mind had all broken at once. I had lived a life in which I didn’t allow myself to feel my depression until it was too late and it would overwhelm me. I struggled with always saying yes and having a deep love for those around me and a deep hatred for myself. Each session felt like someone was finally helping me learn to swim in my brain instead of constantly feeling like I was drowning. By the end of our time together I felt okay with feeling bad, with saying no, or with talking about how I’m really doing. Thing’s even six weeks before that would have felt impossible to me. She was the first person in a long time, who lent a voice and an ear instead of trying to give a helping hand. It ended up being so much more valuable.” 

Male, 20 years, Vancouver, 7 sessions.

I was suffering from anxiety and a lack of self-esteem that blossomed during Covid. Louise’s approach is gentle and empathetic. Her questions and responses, to what I often feel are a confusing jumble of emotions, indicate that she has a deeper understanding of my feelings and experiences. She is helping me acknowledge my strengths and how I can use and rely on them.”

Female, 76 years, Vancouver, 33 sessions, and continuing.

“Working with Louise was eye opening. I began to see where my choices in life were misaligned with my values. Louise empowered me to make big and small decisions that fundamentally challenged the ways I thought I “should” behave. Louise’s calm, kind and attentive demeanor allowed for open and honest conversations where I could discuss my most difficult challenges. Thank you again Louise, for your time and attention over the last few months.”

Female, 32 years, Vancouver, 13 sessions