The following testimonials – except from the last one – are originally written in Danish and translated by me.

Dear Louise,

Thank you so much for the amazing conversations you and I always have. I really enjoy every time we meet because I know that afterwards, I will return with a big smile.

I have talked to many people since my cancer diagnosis and treatment course, but there are only a few people who could embrace my feelings and thoughts, and you are one of them.

You are super good at asking questions and using the right keys to open my heart. I’m sure you can do that with many people. You have empathy, understanding, and a sensible curiosity that can help me reflect more than I usually do. It is a gift you have and many cancer patients actually need to meet someone just like you.

Thank you so much for always being there for me. I will always be grateful to you for that.

Female, 55 years, 12 sessions.

Louise is incredibly sharp at seeing patterns and connections – and thus possible explanations – in the things I have told. I have been glad that she has told me about her observations in a careful/gentle way so that they have not come to appear as absolute truths. That way I have had the opportunity to consider and integrate them myself. Louise has an in-depth overview of what is being told. It has given me a great insight into my situation and enabled me to understand and work with my problems. In addition, Louise is very calm, caring, and thorough and it has been easy and safe for me to open up and share my feelings and thoughts.

Female, 28 years, 35 sessions.

I have been in a long-term course with Louise, and it has been both very rewarding and pleasant to talk to Louise. She is good at sensing where I am in my life and my process. She is good at both listening and helping me to put words to my feelings and getting my thoughts under control.

After each conversation with Louise, I have renewed my energy and am one step further.

Louise is very professional and pleasant to talk to.

I give my warmest recommendations to Louise.

Lene, 42 years, 14 sessions.

I have been incredibly happy about Louise’s help! Louise manages to create a space with lots of trust, security, presence, and empathy. I have both felt heard and understood and Louise was quick to decode me as a person. She manages to be both professional and caring, and I have benefited greatly from my course with her.

Male, 35 years, 16 sessions.

I was suffering from anxiety and a lack of self-esteem that blossomed during Covid. Louise’s approach is gentle and empathetic. Her questions and responses, to what I often feel are a confusing jumble of emotions, indicate that she has a deeper understanding of my feelings and experiences. She is helping me acknowledge my strengths and how I can use and rely on them. 

I first came in contact with the form of therapy Louise practices while living in Denmark. The approach is not to tell a person what they should do or how they should feel, it is to help them get in touch with their own resources through expressing and responding to how they feel, emotionally and physically.

Female, 76 years, Vancouver. 13 sessions, and continuing.