Couples therapy

All couples experience crises in their relationship. There doesn’t have to be anything fundamentally wrong with your relationship because at times you find it hard to connect. Sometimes it can be difficult to get out of a stagnant situation on your own. We are often blind to the patterns we automatically fall into, and we may fear being hurt and rejected even more. Gentle couples therapy with a professional can be an option.

Couples therapy is a very vulnerable space to step into. It takes courage. I will make sure the atmosphere is gentle and that you both feel listened to and taken care of. My basic belief is that both of you do the best you have ever learned. It is by no means about placing blame. If we dare to open up to our inner thoughts and feelings and move out on the thin ice of vulnerability, there is a good chance to feel tenderness and love again.

I offer couples therapy to couples in a broad sense – two partners in a love relationship, a sibling couple, a parent/child relationship, etc.

As a professional, impartial, and caring couples therapist, I will help you to:

  • Put into words what you have a hard time talking about.
  • Clearly express and take responsibility for your own needs.
  • Listen to your partner with an open mind.
  • Examine the love experiences you have from childhood and how they affect your behavioral patterns in current relationships.
  • Identify the situations where you lose connection, and experiment with new options for action.
  • Process wounds in the relationship.
  • Change criticism and blame for vulnerable communication about your own feelings, needs, and boundaries.

Thinking of divorce

If one or both of you are considering divorce, a couples therapy course can help you to:

  • Process past or present wounds in the relationship.
  • Clarify if each of you has the will to work for the relationship.
  • Talk about the good and difficult things in your relationship and your own share in it. If you find that you want to separate, it will help you part in respect and reconciliation.