My therapeutic approach

I have a strong foundation in psychodynamic, person-centered psychotherapy. This means that the therapeutic relationship between client and therapist is essential. It requires that I meet you with great involvement, empathy, authenticity, and a non-judgmental attitude. The intent is that you will feel free to express your true self and grow through the experience of being embraced emotionally and viewed by unconditionally positive eyes. 

I will give you an honest mirror of what I see, hear, and sense in our contact. The intention is for you to get to know yourself even better and get in touch with your nuanced emotional life. My mirror will always be subjective and not an absolute truth about you.

Instead of giving advice, I will help you to discover the answers to your questions within yourself.

Many people carry unresolved inner pain and discomfort that takes a lot of life energy and can get in the way of bonding with other people. I will help you to be able to meet and embrace your feeling of pain and discomfort. The central ‘tool’ is to embrace one’s emotions.

As our starting point, we will focus on what is your center of attention here and now. In most courses, we will go into your past and upbringing to understand what experiences you have with you and how they affect your thoughts, feelings, and behavior patterns today. We will work towards your gaining a greater understanding of why you think, feel, and act the way you do. This is the first step in being able to change patterns that no longer benefit you.

In addition to the spoken words, I pay close attention to all the wordless communication, e.g. tone of voice, posture, tempo, etc. I will ask you what you feel in your body when you talk about something specific. All emotions and experiences settle in the body. The body remembers what we may have repressed with our mental energy or what we want to understand in another way. The body speaks its own true language, and the ‘voice’ of the body constantly speaks unconsciously. By involving the body’s voice, we can often get deeper into the unconscious layers and in touch with what you are actually feeling deep inside and maybe trying to flee from. You do not have to be good at sensing your body beforehand.