Psychotherapist Louise Krog

Warm-hearted therapy

Welcome. My name is Louise. I am a Danish certified psychotherapist MPF and I have a Master of Arts as well.

I offer individual and couples therapy in English and Danish.

I do warm-hearted therapy. I believe an empathic, authentic, and non-judgemental therapeutic relation is essential to achieve profound changes in how you relate to yourself and others. You can read more in My therapeutic approach.

My sessions last 75 minutes. In the way I work, it is important that there is plenty of time and peace to breathe, calm the mind and feel the body.

I have extensive experience with anxiety, eating disorders, depression, child-parent relations, relationship problems, grief, and existential crises. I also deal with other emotional difficulties.

No matter what you are burdened with, you are most welcome to contact me.

Psychotherapist MPF means a Member of the Danish Association of Psychotherapists, and it is a protected title in Denmark. MPF is a seal of quality that ensures I have the necessary education and competences.

In addition to private clients, I am employed as a psychotherapist in SIND Counseling in Aarhus. You can read more in About me.

Examples of testimonials:

“I’ve spent a lot of my life in therapy, and have worked with a number of wonderful therapists. Louise surpasses all of them. (…) Louise has changed my life. I will never be able to fully thank her, though I pray that these words might be a start.” Female, 29 years, 21 sessions.

“You are super good at asking questions and using the right keys to open my heart. I’m sure you can do that with many people. You have empathy, understanding, and a sensible curiosity that can help me reflect more than I usually do.” Female, 55 years, 12 sessions.

“I have been incredibly happy about Louise’s help! Louise manages to create a space with lots of trust, security, presence, and empathy. I have both felt heard and understood and Louise was quick to decode me as a person. She manages to be both professional and caring, and I have benefited greatly from my course with her.” Male, 35 years, 16 sessions.